Real returns from and for real people we are privileged to serve. To this we offer expertise and proprietary technology to clients in North America and abroad. These include:

  • iTrust Advisors consult to asset managers and financial institutions.
  • Licensed use of patent-pending investment methodology providing market metrics and insight;
  • Collaboration in development: iTrust Insights with a dynamic Guide for investors including a Directory to Financial Leaders and Advisors


Seminar (Each session limited to 8 participants): Where does the financial science of investment meet good gut sense?

This 45-60 minute seminar explores the state of the art in financial science that describes potential risks and returns for most every investor with a view towards improving risk-adjusted returns.

Introducing the iTrust Guide to Insights including a one year subscription with the cost of the seminar....Whether you play with the science or trade against it, it might be worth knowing where the conventional analytical standards are proving faulty. We take a clear look at what repeatable studies are showing, share perspective and look forward to participants' take on things as well.


Established in 2005, iTrust services have been associated with integrity in financial services and programs, creating real value for clients:

  • iTrust Investor and Report
  • iTrust Partners [2005-2013] consulted with managers of funds and funds of funds in the USA and around the world, resulting in launch of the iTrust Partners Canadian equity fund for investors outside of Canada. Innovative in the Canadian market, the initial fund was set up as Shari'a compliant.
  • The iTrust Ratings methodology informed the business and signalled need to sell down the Funds in public markets so that investors' recouped their initial investment the week prior to market collapse in September 2008, Funds were redeployed on a private basis;
  • iTrust Institute nonprofit research and education organization with Canadian and American members and directors:



2006 Annual Review of Canadian Structured Income Product market for Advocis' Forum Magazine and the Canadian Association for Professional Financial Planners and advisors.

Breach of Trust, Year-end Market Review 2006, Advocis FORUM Magazine